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Little Mr. and Little Miss Important Information!

Dear Parents, 

The Battle of Byron is back! The Lil Mr. and Lil Miss Contest is returning as well! So get your sponsors to donate!

Here are the details:

  • This contest is for Byron Elementary School and Kay Road Elementary School Students. If your child is homeschooled you may be asked to submit a proof of residence. 

  • Contestants must be between ages 4 to 8.

  •  Each child will be sponsored by a business, neighbor, friend, or family member.

  • There will be a $25.00 registration fee that will go towards the child's campaign. 

  •  $0.01 = 1 vote

  •  Contestants and their parents are recommended to find a local business in the City of Byron to sponsor them. However having a business sponsor is not required but is encouraged. 

  • Families are allowed to campaign however they see fit! They can use newspaper ads or social media campaigning. Whatever feels best for the family!

  • The business sponsor should encourage their customers to donate towards the contestant and collect the money on behalf of the individual.

  • The proceeds go back to the Byron community.

  • Each child will receive a t-shirt and the child that has collected the most money will be the winner. They will be crowned the Little Miss or Little Mr. Battle of Byron.

  • Each child will be responsible for putting up their own campaign poster and collection box in their sponsor's business. 

  • The contestants will all receive t-shirts and the winners will receive crowns. 

  • The royal duties of Lil Mr. and Lil Miss. Battle of Byron also consists of the chance to have a booth at Nightmare on Main Street, have your own float in the Byron Christmas Parade, and be present at other city events to represent the city as royalty!

  • This is not a beauty contest! This is to encourage the children and their families to be more involved and active in our community. 

  • Thank you for the consideration of your child's participation and don't delay because campaigning starts as soon as March 1st and ends May 1st. So you need to take this time to prepare. 

  • The parent will be responsible for counting up all money collected and writing a check to the Battle of Byron for that amount.

  • Sincerely 

Austin L. Simar 

Battle of Byron Chairman




Children are asked to collect as many “pennies” as possible between the dates of March 1st to May 1st. Each penny collected counts as one vote. For example if someone donates $1.25 that is equivalent to 125 votes. The child that collects the most votes will be crowned the Little Mr. or Little Miss Battle of Byron. All contestants will be asked to meet at the Main Stage on the day of the Battle of Byron so that the winner can be crowned. Remember this is not a beauty contest. This is to encourage children and their families to get more involved in their community. 


By signing below, I acknowledge that I accept responsibility for my child's participation in this Battle of Byron Contest. I also agree that any and all money collected for my child's campaign will be given to The Battle of Byron. 


Please make the $25.00 Entrance Fee check payable to The Battle of Byron. Please return this form with the check or cash through the mail to P.O. Box 1564 Byron Georgia 31008.


All applications are due by March 1st. 


For any Questions please contact Austin Simar at 478-919-0171 or email us at

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!


If there is ANY way we can help you please reach out! 

Austin L. Simar, Chairman: 478-919-0171

Abigale Matthews, Marketing Director: 478-538-0329

Athena Richardson, Director of Vendors and Sponsors:    478-244-7310

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